New Era: Yan Yan Chan & Nadia Fairfax For Euphoria

Celebrating the strong, free spirited women who expresses their individuality and are unafraid to be daring. LEO & LIN embraces the new era and believes that inside every woman her ’New Era’ is waiting to emerge.

“Pink reminds me of a flush cheek, it evokes so many positive memories for me. Blushing after a first kiss, a touch of sun after a day at the beach. The joy felt after losing yourself to dance after a fabulous song comes on.” - Nadia  

“My style is spontaneous and youthful; I love an element of playfulness in whatever I’m wearing and a play on masculine and feminine elements. As a creative person, you have to be able to adapt to your environment and be multi-faceted. I love being able to express my creativity through different outlets, whether that’s photography, creative direction or playing a different character on set.” - Yan Yan

“My personal style sits somewhere between timeless and bold. There is something rather classical about it, but with a hint of girlish fun. It’s exciting and it’s loud, a little bit like my personality!” - Nadia

“Pink is nostalgic to me; it reminds me of my childhood. It also brings me back to my favourite time of the year in Australia, September. It’s the start of spring, the weather warms up, its fashion month and it’s also my birthday. It’s a time when the sun stays out a little longer. The light starts to hit differently, and the colours of spring really come out to play. Pink is unity and empowerment.” - Yan Yan