On a night stroll along Sydney's beachside, Creative Director Leo Lin looked up and saw wondrous stars blinking “I've always been mesmerized by the beauty of Australian night sky, it is just pure magic and serenity". It is this Aussie magic that led him to the world of tarot cards, and the creation of the Spring Summer 20 "REBELLIOUS" collection. The collection created a unique world that fills the wearer with this sensational, celestial space.

Adding to the inspiration, Leo is further influenced by the conflicting concepts of Astronomy and Christianity. He merges ideas of divine beliefs, and the start of human scientific explorations, while incorporating aspects of the art & culture behind them such as artfully placing the star chart on top of the cathedral glass, to truly explore the concept of “Rebellious”.

The visual campaign is set at an old oil shaft, based in Blue Mountain Sydney. This particular abandoned, industrial setting, against the majestic Australian natural back was ideal for capturing the concept of "Rebellious" for the collection. The music chosen, combines traditional chamber music, with electronic beats, to demonstrate the juxtaposition of the two, conflicting ideas. Tied together by styling choices of combat boots and Christianity inspired jewellery, the campaign creates a presentation of the past and present, emphasising on LEO & LIN's unique vision & direction of Modernistic Nostalgia.

Prints are always one of the key design elements to bring Leo's inspiration to life. In this collection 5 main, in-house, exclusively designed prints - "the World", "the Lover", "the Sun", "the Starry Night" & "the Baroque Sun", are featured on garments, actively citing back the tarot cards. The silhouettes used are seen as merging strong, feminine tailoring, modern leisurewear with refined Victorian era designs. Silk, linen and cotton natural fabrics once more clash with the use of checked pattern vinyl, further showcasing the playful yet powerful direction the brand embodies.