Step inside our vibrant RESORT 22 Collection inspired by the colourful and free-spirited world of Frida Kahlo.

Reversible bucket hats and silk patterned scarves accentuate the holiday spirit, while decilate chiffon layers shape feminine occasion wear staples destined to become future heirlooms.

Kahlo's distinct aesthetic is evident throughout, as Resort 22 celebrates her strength, vibrancy and transformative use of texture to convey meaning. Exclusive in-house prints take centre stage, with rich-colour-blocking, floral motifs and romantic undertones.

Resort's expert use of florals and lush green and blue hues will have you dreaming of your next warm weather sojourn, with pieces that transport you to the water's edge.

The collection features elevated occasion wear and cleverly crafted silhouettes, brought to life in optimistic colourways - elevated wardrobe treasures for this seaon and beyond.

Our uplifting Viva la Vida print is harnessed through multiple designs, from the cascading full length Silk Skirt to the architectural Bra Top and voluminous sleeved maxi dress.

The Macedonia Print is a popular new addition to this season's print wardrobe. The print's rich colour palette complements its cubism art style; all staggered angles and criss-cross patterns. An arranged beauty, just as Frida decorated her life with colors, using painting as a means of self-expression.

Add ode to the passion and creativity synonymous with Kahlo's world and life, Resort 22 takes you far from the everyday. The collection seeks to inspire and celebrate life's innocuous beauty, full of spirited pieces designed to make living an art from.

Turn heads in the tiered, floor-length Flamingo Silk Linen Dress, or turn up the heat in the multi-toned Mini iteration.

Discover new treasures to cherish this season and beyond.