LEO LIN is a Sydney-based women's ready-to-wear label, synonymous with strong femininity, superior craftsmanship and luxury sensibilities.

Launched in 2017 by its namesake, founder and creative director Leo Lin, the brand is shaped by duality of the past and present, with all collections evoking a sense of 'modernistic nostalgia' - an aesthetic that has come to define its seasonal sartorial offering.

LEO LIN looks to the Australian creative landscape that Lin calls home, effortlessly infusing the country's art and culture into its RTW pieces. This can be seen throughout the collections, predominantly in the house's exclusive and hand-drawn suite of prints. Silhouettes are shaped by opposing forces - echoing the many multitudes within the modern woman, Strong tailoring is offset by playful ruffles, while clean lines find balance in expert draping and archival influences.

Old world meets new, masculine meets feminine. LEO LIN is ushering in a new era of individualism for audiences, with collections and garments that speak to not only one facet of the human condition, but many, and merge innovative craftsmanship with bold and breath-taking design.

OUR MUSE: The New Era Female

The new era of femininity is laced with strength, fearlessness, and confidence.

Lin finds inspiration in real-world women who are similarly self-assured, timeless, and unique; with a penchant for dreamy and romantic forms of self-expression.

The New Era woman appreciates attention to detail across all aspects of her life. From design, to beauty, to interiors and styling. She covets and protects her aesthetic vision and selects garments carefully to reflect this.


Devoted to the sustainability of creating investment pieces that withstand the test of time, Lin’s commitment to uncompromising quality and detailed design is unwavering.

Working both from Lin’s beautifully appointed atelier in his hometown of Dalian and his design studio in Sydney, the full cycle of each collection including design, sampling and production is all executed by the brands own team of highly skilled creatives and craftspeople.

Each collection celebrates the art of innovation and hand-skilled artisanship. Lin’s combination of superior fabrications, inhouse hand-drawn prints and hand-made construction continues to set the brand apart.


The brand’s moniker, LEO LIN, also plays with a sense of duality – with LEO representing his Australian given name, and LIN his Chinese surname. The combination is a nod to his Chinese heritage and Australian sensibility. The brand recently removed the ‘&’ between LEO LIN, indicating a coming of age for the label whose name and ethos are intrinsically linked.